If a user does not complete the course within the course expiry dates, do we need to enrol the user again for the course to be able to complete it? If yes, can the user resume from where he/she had left?


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    David Starr

    Users will continue to have an enrolment even if the course is closed or their individual enrolment has expired.

    If the course expiry date has passed you could change the date to reopen the course. This will allow other users to access unless they have an individual expiry date set. You could edit enrolments to expire everyone except for one user.

    If the course has an enrolment length you can just edit the individual users expiry date to give them a longer enrolment.

    To change an individual users enrolment expiry date access the course in the admin:

    1. Expand the Enrolments section on the left-hand side.
    2. Click view all for the list of enrolments.
    3. Click the pencil icon next to the user.
    4. Tick the Enrolment expires checkbox and then edit/remove the date.



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