Working With Internal SMEs/External Clients

We’ve recently worked with one of our Curatr Partners to help them build a Curatr experience for one of their clients. This was the first time this partner had used Curatr so we provided them a design template / storyboard as a shared Google Doc.

This template proved quite useful to all parties, so we thought we'd share it here.

We used the template is several ways:

  1. To keep track of progress around decision making (by making use of the comments and edit tracking features.)
  2. As a central repository for the partner to deposit the content into (by typing their answers against our questions and populating the 'content table'.)
  3. It allowed us to focus on the design and content and not worry about the actual Curatr process (we took those responses and content from the document and used it to build the course inside Curatr.)

Perhaps this approach might work for you too?

If you haven’t used Curatr before/recently, you may benefit from accessing other areas of this Help Centre to help flesh out some (not all) of the questions that are posed in this template.

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