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    Cathy Young

    Craig - Just following on from this article and also chat occurring in the 'Creating a Product' article with Pete I would like to clarify a cpl of things about the workflow when users are purchasing courses.

    Users need to be registered for Curatr first before being able to purchase a course. So let's say our site provides instructions indicating this and gives them two options 1. register with Curatr (first before buying) or 2. buy X course.
    In the case of Option 1, they are taken to the standard 'Register with Curatr' page. After registering where are they then taken? Would they need to return by themselves to our page to then click on Option 2- buy course and then follow the workflow described for option 2? or could you set up Curatr to have all the courses available for purchase shown on the home page so that they can re-search for it there?
    In the case of Option 2 they are taken directly into Curatr to enrol in the course. I am assuming they would need to 'Sign in' to Curatr first before undertaking steps 4 & 5 you outline above?

    Pete suggests getting new users to enrol in a free course first and then using this to provide a link to the paid course. Is the process different for free courses in that once the user Registers as a new user in Curatr they are taken directly to the course that they clicked on using the marketing link?

    As you can see I'm a little confused :)

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    Matthew Mason


    Also a bit confused with this workflow. What I am seeing is:

    1. End User views your marketing page(s).
    2. End User identifies a course that they wish to undertake.
    3. End User clicks on the register/enrol button that you have placed on the page.
    4. End User is taken to the Registration page on Curatr
    5. End User fills out all fields and clicks Register
    6. End User is taken to Curatr home page
    7. End User then clicks on Public Courses to see the courses on offer
    8. End User clicks on the course they want to enrol in
    9. End User is taken to the payment page in Curatr where they pay for the course.

    As you can see, there is a number of extra steps for an end user to access and pay for a course.



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    Pete Thorne

    Hi Matthew,

    I understand, since the payment parts of Curatr were added for a customer that already had a single sign on solution, we have not perfected the flow here.

    So there are two separate processes that get conflated here: 1. User registration and 2. Course purchasing.

    One option to avoid some of the confusion would be to bypass the external site altogether and direct users to the registration page. After registering users could browse the public courses tab and select the courses they want to purchase. Then would then pay and continue with their course as normal.

    I guess the reason that some people want a third party marketing site is that Curatr is not public facing and therefore cannot be indexed by Google. Again this was not an issue for our original ecommerce client as they already had a marketing site and a mailing list.

    I appreciate that this is not as mature and simple solution as we would like. The vast majority of our clients don't sell directly to customers and so this area is not as developed as other parts of the system. As more clients start to use ecommerce we will be able to free up more development resources to iron out some of the issues you have identified here. Alternatively we invite clients with resources available to submit suggestions for work packages that could be delivered to the client's timetable.



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