Thinking in thirds

Curatr is designed to let you source content from wherever you find it. By presenting a unified interface to content, your experience will seem more coherent and better structured, even if the content production itself is very different. So when we come to create a new social learning experience with Curatr, we tend to think in thirds:

1. Internal

The first third of content tends to be linking to other systems internal to the business. This can be an LMS, a document management system, an intranet page or the like. You will have internal IP that can be re-used and by linking to it where it is already uploaded, you save on version control headaches. Your first priority should always to curate content inside.

2. External

The next third tends to come from the wider world. Here you can expand to look at popular content sharing websites (think YouTube / TED and so on). There is a world of rich content on the Internet, just waiting for you to tap into it. Where possible, before making something new yourself, look to see if it can be sourced externally (hopefully, for free).

3. Uploaded

The final third of content it is likely you will need to upload directly into Curatr. This might be because it has no other digital home, or it might be because you need to create some new content to round out the experience. It tends to be that this content can be used to ‘glue’ the experience together; giving your participants some specific context or examples that might not be found elsewhere in the organisation or the wider world.

Our ‘thirds’ approach is obviously only a rough guide, but it tends to be accurate enough in most circumstances. The less you commit to building new, the quicker you will be able to get up and running. Remember, this is a social learning experience. Content doesn’t have to be perfect. The real insights will be built in response to content, not merely as a result of watching/reading/listening to something.

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