Test Users

It's worth noting that if you attempt to test the course in an 'admin' type of role then you won't be seeing the course and having the same experience, as a real end user would


  1. time locked courses would allow you to progress through them without the time locking coming into play.
  2. linear-courses would behave as non-linear courses allowing you to progress in any order.

Sometime this is acceptable as you only wish to test how something appears and not necessarily the whole process.

However, if you want to test the end-user experience we advise using a Test User to undertake the course.

There are 2 ways that you can do this:

  1. Test it yourself
  2. Ask a friend or colleague to do so


Testing it yourself

  1. Create a Test User for one of your other email addresses, in the same way that you would create any other user.
  2. Enrol the Test User onto the relevant course.
  3. Log out as an admin.
  4. Log in as the Test User.
  5. Test (take notes).
  6. Log out as the Test User.
  7. Log in as the admin.
  8. Make any changes.

The advantage to this approach is that it is quick and you're not reliant on anybody else, however as you designed the course you'll have an inherent knowledge of the platform and the structure, so you're not really getting a typical end users perspective.


Asking a friend or colleague

  1. Enrol the friend/colleague onto the relevant course.
  2. Ask them to log in.
  3. Ask them to progress through the course making notes along the way, although it's often more valuable for you to sit alongside them and observe their progress.
  4. Make any changes.
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