How to raise a support request.

If you're:

  • unable to find the answer to your question in the community and don't feel that it is a general/suitable question to ask in the Community (i.e. it might be something very specific to your installation of Curatr)
  • you're asked to do so

you can raise a support request from within the Help Centre, meaning you don't have to open up your email etc.

Towards the top of each screen is a 'Submit Request' button


just type your support query into here and it will be dealt with by one of the HT2 team on a 1:1 basis as opposed to in the open community. You'll notice in the screenshot below that as you type your Subject into the relevant field the Help Centre will provide you with suggestions for material that may answer your question that you may have missed whilst searching - it's always worth checking these suggestions out!

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