Group Course Enrolments

Curatr allows you to place people into Groups i.e. everybody that is in the HR Department belongs to the HR group.

Curatr also allows you to link a Group to a course (a Linked Group), so that anybody that is in that group is automatically assigned to that course i.e. The HR Group get automatically assigned to the 'Having Difficult Conversations' course.

If a new starter joins the HR Department in 6 months time and are assigned to the HR Group they will automatically be assigned to the 'Having Difficult Conversations' course (and any others that are linked).

The checkbox below is ticked by default as it assumes that anybody who is added to a group should also be enrolled to any linked courses. Untick this box if you do not want this to be the case.

When you have set up a Linked Group, you have several options available to you.

  1. Auto Course Enrollments
  2. Course visibility
  3. Self enrolment
  4. Comment restriction

Options 2 to 3 will override the normal course settings. For example, if a course is public and the linked group has the visibility set to false then the course will not be visible to members of that group.

Conversely, if the course is secret and the Linked Group visibility is set to true (the box is ticked), the course will be visible to members of that group. The same applies to self enrolment, the linked group settings will always override the course settings.

Comment restriction allows you to restrict the comments by filtering the comments to only show the people in the user's group. However, users are still able to select the 'Show all' option if they wish.

If an individual is a member of more than one group (with conflicting settings) then the table below shows the permissions that will be allowed/not allowed.

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