Creating A Discount Code.

A discount code is a code that you create that when applied by a customer during the payment process will reduce the cost for them.

  • Select 'E-Commerce' > Discounts


  • Click on '+ Discount Code'


  1. Give the Discount a name i.e. Winter Saver 2015.
  2. Provide a description.
  3. Enter the actual code that people will enter into the payment process i.e. Winter15
  4. Tick the 'Live' box to activate the codes as soon as the Discount code is created.
  5. Determine whether you wish to provide a 'Percentage Discount' (50% off) or a Value Discount (£5 off). The screenshots below will differ slightly depending on which option you've selected
  6. Enter how many 'discounts' you wish to offer (i.e. how many times can this code be used?)
  7. When is the discount valid from?
  8. When does the discount expire?
  9. By using the drop-down menu in the Products field you can select which Product(s) you want this Discount to apply to. Once you have selected the product, click the + button to apply the discount. If you wish apply the Discount to multiple Products, repeat Step 9.
  10. Click on Submit.


Once you have clicked 'Submit', your newly created Discount will appear on the Discounts list. 



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