Object icons

In the last few MOOCs that we've facilitated we've used an icon to represent the object image.

We've found that this has speeded up the creation of objects (and in turn courses) significantly and also help to create a further sense of structure and cohesion around potentially disparate objects.

The object icons at present are:

  1. blog post
  2. article
  3. video
  4. audio
  5. elearning
  6. infographic
  7. paper
  8. list
  9. research
  10. web form
  11. image
  12. PDF
  13. ebook
  14. book
  15. slides
  16. mindmap
  17. Meetup 
  18. Webinar
  19. Map (added 25/04/16)


We've also added a small 'star' to each of our object icons to allow you to visually prioritise certain objects over other 'unstarred' objects.


If you'd like to use these icons we've attached a zipped file below which includes both png and eps format (in case you wish to change the colour etc).

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    Tara Magdalinski

    Great idea! We did something similar for a course we ran, but it took ages to find the right icons, so it's nice to have a consistent set readily available.

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