Hello and welcome to the Curatr Help Centre.

As you'll be aware we're big believers in social learning so it made sense for us to take a look at how we support each of you in your use of Curatr.

The Help Centre consists of a Knowledge Base (where you'll find user-guide type advice on how to use the platform) and a Community (where you can get specific queries answered, raise feature requests etc).

We've pre-populated this Help Centre with some video tutorials and common questions that we're asked (along with their answers), so you can now search for information (in this case relating to PDF) from both the Knowledge Base and Community.

Assuming that the question/answer has been asked/provided previously, this will provide you with a much quicker response that submitting a traditional support ticket (as seen in the search results below)

Asking a New Question 

Of course, if you're unable find the answer you're looking for you can then submit a question (+ New post) in the Curatr Q&A section of the Community.



Organisation-Specific Queries

If your query is specific to your Organisation (and not for public discussion) you can submit a Support Request.

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