Resource Library

The Resource Library has all your previously uploaded learning objects in one place, making it easier to re-purpose/use them across courses and update them quickly and efficiently. Once updated within the Resource Library, your content will be updated universally in every course it sits within (alternatively you can update at course level for course-specific updates).


To add an object to the Resource Library:

  1. Go to “Resource” section 
  2. Select “New Resource” 
  3. Select resource type 
  4. Complete relevant information & save to Resource Library


N.B. You can also do this at object level when building your course, just select “New Resource” from drop down menu & follow the steps as above.


To select an existing object from the Resource Library:


  1. When in the course view in the Admin area, go to “Content” and select “Manage Content”
  2. Add a new level or select an existing level
  3. Click on “New Object” 
  4. Select “Choose from Library” from drop-down menu
  5. Use search function & filters to find the resource you would like to add as an object or create a new resource here (follow points 2-4 as above) 
  6. Select “Choose” in right hand navigation bar 
  7. You can then continue to edit the object description, social settings etc 

N.B Please note that when you edit a resource, it will also be updated across all other courses it sits within. When selecting a resource, you are able to see which other courses the resource is used within.



1. Copy a resource

You can edit the resource  and save as copy, so that a new version of the resource is created.

2. Converting resource types

You are also able to convert resource types e.g. an uploaded word file into a pdf.


 3. Download a resource

 Supported resource types can be downloaded from the library via a new download button


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