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Initial Setup Of Your Curatr

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Testing your course

How Do I Pitch Curatr To My Stakeholders?

Explaining Curatr to end users...

Handling Objections

How Do I Design Curatr Experiences?

Design Tips n Tricks

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Using email

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How Do I Assign Permissions?

Roles and Permissions

How Do I Use Open Badges?

Using Open Badges in Curatr

How Do I Sell Courses?


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How Do I Enrol & Invite Users?

Enrolling Users

Inviting Users

What Data Can Curatr Provide Me?

Curatr Dashboard

What reports can I produce?


How Do I Change The Look Of My Curatr?



How Do I Submit A Feature Request?

Submitting your Feature Request.

Product Release Notes

What's New in Curatr?

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